Thursday, May 22, 2014

The beauty of Thai Yoga massage

Yes, the beauty of Thai yoga massage, one of my favorite modalities to practice and work with.

When I was finishing up school for Massage Therapy in 2005, one of our last classes was to help introduce us to all the different types of massage that where out their. So we spent time with hot stone massage, body scrubs, and then we got a taste of a few more modalties that we could continue in learning after we finished schooling. Yes, one of them was Thai massage, or Thai Yoga Massage(also know as Lazy Mans yoga), I was hooked.I took a table Thai class right away, enjoyed it, but felt that their was more to it, so I went on the search. I found a teacher that taught here in the states and traveled back to Thailand every year to continue with her practice. I started from their, and at the same time did my Ayurveda training,and found Lotus Palm, school for Thai Ayurveda Training. Now I could take the Thai massage and Ayurveda along with my background in Swedish Massage and truly enjoy creating bodywork that is individualized..

Thai Yoga Massage is a powerful style, using the body in a deep flow of stretching, while the mind settles into a meditation. When receiving a Thai Yoga Massage, you come dressed comfortably in yoga style clothing, this body treatment is done on a traditional Thai floor mat.Your Thai practitioner will do a health history, and then discuss what your goals are for your Thai treatment.Your Thai massage can go from very gentle rocking and stretching to very deep palming of the meridians. Thai yoga massage takes into account where you are today, and approaches the massage in this way, as you are guided through the yoga postures while being stretched and working the body in a very gentle yet deep way. This is the beauty of Thai Yoga Massage.

The beauty of Thai Yoga Massage for me is very powerful, to move with the body as it flows from one movement to another, stretching deeply throughout the body and connecting in a meditative space. 

If you have never tried a Thai Yoga massage and you love yoga, or you feel like your body just needs a good stretch, this is the one for you.

Heather Small works at Metta Wellness, Ayurveda & Massage. Metta Wellness is all about bringing you a holistic approach to mind, body and spirit through Ayurveda, Bodywork and many more ways to wellness.