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Time to Awaken, Revive!

Time to Awaken, Revive...
Yes, another month is coming to an end, and we soon enter into a space and time of seasonal change, a cleanse in the air, dampness as the ground is melting and spring arrives. We have changed back the clocks and entered into spring, and it's time to cleanse the body and balance the mind.

In Ayurveda we look at the seasons, and our body type, and how we can balance through change. I love this time of the year, listen in to the body, doing a gentle cleanse, stepping back into my meditation, can give you an open feeling, a lighter, free yet grounded and balanced.

As I take time this month to walk outside, breath and meditate in the fresh  spring air, I feel awake, I feel revived.

I will see you outside, in the fresh air, with a calm meditation.

Join me for Guided Meditations, a simple way to settle into your space before your massage at Metta Wellness.