Saturday, March 18, 2017

Herbal Wellness

As my clients, family and friends know, I am passionate about my "work". I say work, because this is how I make my living, so I have found my love, my passion and I'm able to support myself and my family. This is a win - win!

I started this journey towards holistic healing, herbal wellness as a child. From day on I had medical issues, but my parents never allowed it to be what made my everyday, they worked to treat me as if I was as healthy as any other kid. They surrounded us with people that where very clearly into the holistic approach, you know those people we call "hippies:, that was our people, our tribe. Growing up in a house where we ate from our garden, and played outside from sun up to sun down, and when we where sick, it was food and herbs that we went to for help, not Drs( let me note here that we always went to western Dr when it was necessary, and learned to respect the medical world for what it is and what it offers). The adults around us where into this same healthy, holistic lifestyle,so for us this was a way of life. You take care of the body through food, herbs, getting outside, work hard and enjoy the time with family and friends what else could you need.

As I grew up, and as many of us do, we wander away from what we know, and you come back to it when you have kids. I was no different, having kids was my reminder of how simple living simple and healthy can and should be. This was the starting point of moving into this field and over time creating my business.

For me it's a lifestyle, eating healthy, balancing the mind trough meditation,moving the body through yoga, Thai massage, massage, and just simply enjoying life.

So when you wake up tomorrow morning, think about how you can bring balance into the mind body, and live simply through wellness.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Welcome March

I find March to be refreshing with the weather slowly changing, the days getting longer we start to prepare for spring.

With spring comes, a spring cleanse. Preparing for a spring cleanse takes time and with a little prep work ahead of time you can enjoy a gentle cleanse with a lighter feeling, stronger immune system, better sleep and a better transsion to spring.

Pre and post cleanse is just as important as the cleanse. Setting yourself up with a gentle pre and post cleanse will help you get the most from your cleanse and help make the cleanse easier, emotionally and physically. So let's take the time to organize ourselves as we prepare for a pre and post cleanse. For me, if you are going to take the time for a cleanse,why not do the full pre and post cleanse.

So as I set here finishing up this blog,  getting the instructions printed out,teas blended, and kits labeled and ready for my cleanse kits, I encourage you to look at your cleanse.

Take time for your self, take time for self care.