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Thai yoga Massage

Yes, Thai Yoga Massage!
The massage style, type of massage, pressure and even down to the music: everyone is a little different. Massage is beneficial to the the body mind as a whole. This is why it is so important to find the massage that is best for you. When a client comes in,  I will asses where they are(how you are feeling, how is the body) and what the goal is for the massage for the day. Most clients come in due to an injury and quickly find that sometimes bringing them back into balance is the first step.

Thai Yoga Massage has long flowing stretches to help move the muscular system, help tone the inner organs and balance the nervous system. Thai Yoga massage is part of an ancient healing system, getting its roots from Ayurveda , one of the oldest holistic healing techniques

So why not take some time and re-balance the body through Thai Yoga Massage at Metta Wellness.