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Massage for the Immune System

During the long winter months, hot dry summers, day to day of bills, work, family life, we take from our immune system. Some of us go through life with limited stress, or a relaxed view and have found a way to work with our environments.Stress is not always a bad thing, some stress comes from change, or a new job, moving into a new home. Wherever the stresses come in, they can take a toll from the body, so learning, or having ways to calm and relax the mind body will help how you approach stress.

Stress over time is packed away in the body and without ways to relax(some of us it is our personality are calming) it can build up over time. This build up can come out through headaches, constipation, anger, sleep issues and overtime create autoimmune issues.

My work brings me to a space that I can share meditation,massage, Ayurvedic herbs , Ayurvedic body-work and Thai massage with my clients. Learning together and working towards a wellness goal is such a powerful way to focus on balanci…

Learn from your History!

This is the time of year that we look at our past and set our New Intentions.
Take time to learn from your past, as we move forward into the new year. I have taken this past week to reflect on this past year, what I have learned, what has moved and changed in my space, and what I would like to do in this new year.
I find this time of the year easy and difficult for myself and for a lot of people around me. We are coming down from the high of the energy of the holiday, and looking at this past year and most are feeling overwhelmed.
Lets reflect in a new light this year..
Take a look back at this past year, what can you learn, what have you learned from it, and what can you take into this new year.
In this new year, lets learn, grow and move forward together.