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What is "Metta Wellness"

Metta means "loving Kindness", Metta Wellness in your wellness in loving kindness. Bringing together the mind, body and spirit for a full circle of healing.

For me, I see that we all want, or strive to live in peace, harmony and balance with ourselves and the world around us. At Metta Wellness I feel it starts in the mind. The mind is a powerful element that can determine our peace and harmony. How we look at ourselves, our internal conversation, and the way we feel the world sees or views us. If we look at ourselves in pure loving kindness, we are going to walk out into the world full of love, inner strength and kindness.

With a healthy, positive and balanced mind, the body works in harmony. When we fall out of harmony in the mind the body will feel it through stress, inflammation, skin issues, anxiety over time this can result in an auto immune disorder. When the mind is struggling, and the body shares the disruption, the spirit disconnects.

When the mind, body and spirit…

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
I walk into this new year in hopes of calm, peace and whole body wellness.  As we enter into a time of reflection and looking forward, take this time to be. Be grateful, be peaceful, be happy with the space you are right now, right here. Life is always moving forward, stop and be grateful for the space you have.
I am grateful for my life I am grateful for my health I am grateful for my family and friends I am grateful for you. I am grateful.
Happy New Year from  Metta Wellness