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Ayurveda and stress

Stress is part of our everyday world, some good and the some not so good.
Stress is one of the main factors when my clients come in for a massage or an Ayurvedic session. Stress will effect sleep, digestion, work performance, reaction time and over time cause issues with memory, anxiety, mood and can lead to auto immune disorders. This becomes a vicious cycle, stress,  sleep disturbance, imbalance through out your daily life, then it starts over again.

In Ayurveda we focus on the root and how to balance. The key is patience and allowing yourself the time to recreate the cycle you have been in,to teach the body a new story.

Stress is a part of the world we live in, but through Ayurveda we do not need to live in our stress. Ayurveda is your key to your own wellness through yoga, massage, meditation herbals and setting your daily routine to create balance.

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