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Morning Mediation

Good Morning!

Yes, starting the day with pranayama then meditation is my key to moving through this hectic world in a calm peace.

When I work with my clients I am always looking at ways to find balance in the busy life we live. Starting your day off with pranayama( breathing technique) then into a mediation to start out in the day ready for everything.

My meditation is the mantra, So Hum, as I sit and relax, I breath in So out Hum and find myself settling in, the energy balancing out and the thoughts and worries floating away.

Find the way to start your day, creating an open space to relax and breath.


Waking up, feeling energy, openness, clear breath and a calm mind. I have found over the years that a routine, a practice of pranayama and meditation helps me prepare for the day ahead and be able to move through this world without feeling the weight from outside stress.

Start by setting some time aside every morning to focus on you, on waking and entering into this space in a calm open breath. 

What is pranayama? Simply, paranayam is a breathing practice, in this you open the airway allowing for a clear mind, stronger energy and a balance of the spirit with an opening of the third eye.Their are many different kinds of pranayama, try a few and find one that fits your needs, your routine your body - mind. For me I have found the Mrigi Mudra(deer-seal) breathing to connect for me, it was also one of the first techniques I had learned when I started out in Ayurveda.

Mrigi Mudra: it is an alternating breath pattern. Sitting comfortably, bringing the right hand into a relaxed ball / fist,…

Breath, Meditate and stay Calm

Fall is here, and so are the Holidays. With the holidays comes family gatherings, work parties,busy stores and change of food and drink. This time of the year can be exciting, and fun, but can be tiring and somewhat stressful on the body.

This is where taking some time for yourself daily can help. The last few months I have been going to and part of conferences all related to self care, meditation, massage, yoga all to keep the mind and body relaxed, lowering the stress response.

Stress is a part of our daily life, it can be the thing that pushes you to work harder to change your lifestyle, but it can also be causing you stagnation.Feeling heavy, or disconnected from self, family, or work can be signs of imbalance due to a build up of stress.

Their are many ways to bring the balance in and calm the system. Starting with the breath is a quick and easy way to feel the body reboot and see the calming of the system in a short time.

When I am teaching, working with a client one on one or…