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Herbal Ayurvedic Pulse Taking

Yes, I am offering Herbal Ayurveda Pulse Consults at Metta Wellness!

Some of you may be familiar with the Herbal Ayurveda Pulse taking, and for some this may be a whole new concept. Let me give you tips on making the best of your herbal consult:

First: What is Herbal Ayurvedic Pulse Taking            This is a technique used to help you find ways to bring the body, mind, spirit connection together as a whole and healthy self..
            The consult gives you insight on ways you can nourish and balance the body through herbs, yoga, meditation or diet change.
             Your herbal consult will cover simple things such as sleep pattern all the way to digestive issues and much more. Allow your self to be open to this part of the consult.

What you should expect to gain from your Herbal Consult:
           During your consult we will go over different ways to work with your schedule, routine, lifestyle. Everyone comes in with a different need, finding ways to be creative and work with…