Monday, September 29, 2014

Why Rest

Why Rest?

I hear this a lot form my clients. Anyone that has come to Metta Wellness for a massage or an Ayurveda treatment knows that at the end of every type of  bodywork I do, I have you rest time at the end.

Our lives are busy, whether its work, home, kids, we are always going, and taking very little time to our selves. I realized the importance of rest when I was doing body work for cancer clients years ago. I learned so much about taking time, it's not till we think our time is limited do we take the time to live it. I was blessed with working with a group of clients that where all part of a study on how the body responds during stress, how much more stress can you have then cancer? With this we worked with  the simple touch of massage, reiki, and relaxation techniques such as meditation and resting the mind body. We found that our clients had an easier time with their cancer treatments while they where in this program. From their I worked in an Ayurvedic clinic and again they reinforced the concepts of rest and balance of lifestyle.

So here we are, and I realize our space in life is so very busy,and that part of massage and my focus is to help bring balance and rest into your space. The rest time at the end of every treatment done at Metta Wellness is to encourage the mind body connection, allowing you to rest and take in the work that your body does everyday.Taking the time to rest the body, relax the mind, and honor your spirit is the goal and focus of the work I do at Metta Wellness.

So, why rest, next time you come in for your massage, remember, it is all about bringing you to a balanced space.We all need time to allow ourselves to settle in, and what a better way, you are here, in the space taking time for your self, now enjoy the rest.

With great Metta I do this work;