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Herbal Poultice Body Treatment

To me this is the ideal Winter body-treatment, warm and focused on sore muscles. I start with warm herbalized oils( one of my own blends of wild harvested herbalized oils ) applied to the body, then a relaxation time while the herbs soak in, while you are resting I am heating up your herbal poultices. The herbal poultice will be used  in a quick rhythmic tapping to heat the joints and muscles while breaking up stagnation in the body, leaving you feeling warm and blissful. The herbs I have blended  together are to help relax the muscles while encouraging circulation with your herbal goal in mind. I have three herbal poultice blends, a Stress and Relaxation Herbal Poultice,Arthritis and Joint Pain Herbal Poultice and Muscle Relaxing Herbal Poultice.Before your treatment we will work together to pick the herbal blend that is best for your body.  The products and body-work offered by Metta Wellness are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. If you have or suspect t…

What have I been up to on my Snow Day

What have I been up to on my Snow Day, Yes, in the past two weeks we have had several snow days. I wanted to stay busy and I did! I did my share of shoveling and I enjoyed getting outside and feeling that cool crisp air, feeling the crunch of the snow under your feet. As I found myself much like other people out shoveling, I found my body to be a little tender(could be from our dog that pulled me on the snow/ice). So I did what I always do, made an oil for my muscles(coconut oil infused with pomegranate,comfrey oil and a blend of essential oils), blended a tincture (milky oats and passion) then sat down with a cup of herbal tea(sample available at Metta Wellness after each massage). Woke up feeling fine, and no areas of tender muscles.
I love to work with and blend my herbs, I use them before an issue arises, such as the snow and shoveling, I prepared herbs to help relax and sooth the muscles since they had been worked in a different way.
Think of your body, how you work, move and ho…