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New Year, Fresh Start

Yes a new year, means a  fresh start! As we move forward and quickly in this new year, its a time to reflect, and create the space we want.
I love taking this time of the year, to see what I have learned in the past year, what I want to take into this new year and what did not work in the past.

Metta Wellness will be spending this year settling into our new work space and looking at new ways to bring you more. More herbal tips, new choices in the massage and treatments along with healthy eating and living tips. Throughout the year we will look at ways to create a balanced mind, body and spirit through our everyday routines.

In my personal space I have added many new herbs to our diet and working to add yoga back into my daily routine. I look at what we have found to work in the past year and what area that I need to work on, and start to slowly make the adjustments that I need.

Enjoy the process of moving forward with your goal and what you can do to nourish your self along the way.