Friday, March 21, 2014

Personalized Oils

Personalized Oils

I love when a client comes into my space for the first time. I start off, like most massage therapist, with a simple health form, but after that nothing is the same from that point on. That health form is my jumping off point, a warm up, for understanding the goal of each client that comes in the door.

A massage with me at Metta Spa(Heather Small) will not only settle the body, relax the muscles, but get you started on your road to a healthier balanced mind body and spirit. One way that I will do that is to create your own personalized oils, allowing you to move forward each time you come in for your massage. Think about it for a moment, we all have some stresses in our lives, work, friends, our partners, kids ,taking care of our homes, each day presents us with a different challenge.The healthier the mind, body spirit connection is, the better off we are to handle the stresses that come our way. Some days are great, and others you cant wait to crawl into bed. So you come in for a massage, to relax those stressed muscles, and we talk a little about what brought you in, and what you would like to get from your massage session today. Maybe you have a lot of work to get done this week, or your mother-in-law is coming to visit, life is a constant change. How do you handle your daily stresses, good or bad?

This is where Metta Spa is different. My background starts many years ago,when I was a stay at home mom, when massage became a tool to help my kids, to relax them before bed or massage their bellies for digestion, the simple touch was so calming. So as my kids got older, I went off to school for massage therapy, this introduced me to many different groups of clients that need massage for many different ailments, I was quickly drawn to working with cancer clients. After completing my massage training I went on to continue my work with cancer clients and training in Boston with Dana Farbor, and Why Me in Worcester,MA. I have always been drawn to the side of holistic healing, which has brought me to the Ayuredic work that now incubuses the work I do. My training has moved forward with the goal of full body healing from massage, Ayurveda, Thai massage, meditation and herbal training.Together this allows me to create your  massage session with personalized oils that will bring in balance of the mind, body and spirit.

Massage is a great place to start, from their you can add personalized oils, learn more about meditation, yoga, foods for your body type, along with other ways to help relax and settle the mind and body.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March is kapha Season

March is Kapha Season, 
so lets welcome in Spring with a few ways to stimulate your Kapha.
Try a  stimulating Snack, Tea and Favored Spices for Spring

Spicy Pumpkin Seeds:
1cup pumpkin seeds     1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
3 cups water   1/4 tsp cumin
     Pinch of salt        1/4 garam marsala

In a medium bowl, soak pumpkin seeds in water with salt overnight, up to 7hrs. Soaking of the pumpkin seeds aids in the ease of their digestion, making their nutrients more available to us.
Strain pumpkin seeds and lay them out on paper towels( this will absorb the extra water).
Preheat oven *170. In medium bowl mix spices well, add pumpkin seeds and toss to coat. Spread evenly on a baking sheet in a single layer. Bake 6 hours, till dry and crisp( I turn oven off and  leave mine in for another 2 hours or overnight, they get nice and crispy)
I like to make this in large batches for snacks(due to the amount of time it takes and store in large glass mason jars for up to two weeks( if they don't eat it all before then!)
Note: this process can be done in a dehydrator
* To reduce pitta: omit cayenne and garam masala.

Chai Tea for Kapha:

1 piece of ginger, peeled
2 cups milk, soy or almond
1 Tbsp fresh brewed Black tea
1  Tbsp raw sugar

Place all ingredients in a small saucepan. Bring to just boil, strain and serve immediately.
*To reduce Vata, Pitta: use maple syrup in place of sugar.

I add crushed cardamon pods and whole cloves to my Chai. Explore with the Kapha spices, see which ones work best for you. 

Kapha Favored Herbs:
Kahpa herbs help wake the digestive fires and dry out the congestion and mucous in our membranes after a long winter. It feel good to wake up the system and clear out the congestion we have built up over the winter months.
Ginger: ginger is believed to strengthen and heal the digestive and respiratory system, as well as fight off colds and flu. Ginger removes congestion, soothes sore throats. and relieves body aches.
Cardamon:In Ayurveda medicine, cardamon is said to stimulate the mind and give clarity. Cardamon reduces the air and water elements( the vata and kapha elements), increases appetite(in a good way), and soothes the mucous membrane.
Cloves: Cloves are said to invigorate, restore, and help generate heat in the body, which is especially useful during the cold and flu season.
Nutmeg: Nutmeg adds a rich flavor and helps moisten the airways ad reduce the drying of the mucous membranes and throat, often associated with smoking.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Self Love is strength

Self love is strength!

Love is a very powerful thing. We have to start with ourselves, the power we have and the power we can create?

With all the work I do, no matter the issue it always come back to issues in the self. When we love ourselves this is a strength in our self . We can then easily handle areas of stress and you are then able to move forward with greater self.

Stop and think for a moment. All of us, at different times in our life have issues, work, family, kids, finances, friends, but the difference is how we handle these things. These issues will either give us the strength to move forward or hold us back from the person we can become. How we feel about ourselves has so much to do with how we react to our environment and how we impact the people around us.

We all come into our world with a different self, a different way of looking at the world, and a different way to react to things. Over time our experiences will encourage, shift, or force us to become the person we are. So how will you allow you life experiences to shape you? This is where Self love is strength.

Learning to accept yourself, your faults, and your strengths gives you a good base to love yourself. We all make our mistakes and we all have elements of power and strength in ourselves. Draw from your mistakes, learn from them, and forgive yourself . Over time you will gain strength from yourself, and develop a stronger self love.

Everyday take a moment to thank yourself, to love yourself. Remember you are love and you are loved. Self love is strength, and strength will bring you a balance of self.