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Welcome in the change of seasons

As fall is officially here, I start to think about baking, family, and wrapped up in warmth. I love the cool crisp mornings, making pumpkin pancakes before heading out for the day.   Blending of winter herbal teas, heated massage tables, and preparing to settle into the cold nights.
At Metta Wellness we fell change is good, and as we move into the change of seasons, stop by,, see what we're doing to help you go through the seasons.

Settling back in

Yes, peaceful and relaxed after a few days of meditation, and self care.
Metta Wellness has many great challenges and changes ahead, and I'm looking forward to sharing that with you in the weeks to come.

Now offering Herbal Ayurveda Consults, and many new herbal products are out on the shelf. If you have not tried the magnesium night lotion yet, now is the time to order yours.

So stay close, and check in often to see what were up to here at Metta Wellness.

September is all about change!

Lets get set for the change with a stress free month!

In our house September can be like many other homes, busy! From organizing fall schedules, to getting back into routines, many great changes. Changes can be great, but sometimes a challenge, so lets face this season in a relaxed space.

This month lets focus on relaxing ways to manage this busy schedule and tips to reduce stress as these changes come in.

I cannot think of a better way to relax and get rid of stress then an Anti-stress massage. I thought that since this is our featured massage at Metta Wellness for the month of September, it's the perfect place to start the month!

Our Anti-Stress massage is just that, no stress! This massage is done with warm herbalized oils with soothing music to calm the system. This is a very slow, relaxing body treatment with elements of gentle flowing massage strokes and energy balancing techniques. You will feel stress fee, calm and a sence of bliss at the end of this massage.

To book your…