Thursday, July 17, 2014

Let's Get Healthy with Metta Welness

Lets get healthy and Balanced with Metta Wellness
As we have entered into summer people ask me often enough, how do you stay healthy and get everything done with four kids and starting your own business? So now is the time,lets get healthy and balanced with Metta Welness.
Massage is my main focus, my passion at Metta Welness, and to stay healthy I eat healthy, think healthy and try to live healthy. I have a busy, yet simple life, I work, I cook ,do laundry, relax with the family, and enjoy time sneaking away here and their (sometimes with everyone and sometimes on my own).
The key is balance, from my work to my home life they all over lap, we work together to help each other, and to create the space we each need(some days its easy, and others I would like to stay in bed). I eat, create and cook healthy meals( sometimes the kids think I’m a little crazy about eating healthy, but).  My work, I do massage therapy with a back ground in Ayurveda, yoga, meditation and herbs. I  create my massages, and make my own oils( this allows for each treatment to be personalized). As a family wee work together to make this work, we have built this team, this unit and everyone has something to offer.
We take yoga classes, go for walks, or hiking with the kids and the dog, we try to keep our bodies moving, stay active. Like most people we find it to be a challenge in the winter months (this is the time I try to get in my yoga classes, and the boys play basketball).
Overall our focus is on staying healthy, weather through our diet, regular massages, yoga, meditation,  what we find is important to our space at the time. It will change as our lives change, and we will fluctuate between balance and free falling, but this is life, always changing.
So as I post on my blog, about massage, self strength, herbs and on ways to find balance in our ever changing lives. So hope you come back, and hope you are able to find some ways to work in your life to balance.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Cool down for the Summer

Summer is here, and it's time to help keep the body, mind cool. What better way to keep cool then a cucumber infused water, with rose petals, sage or maybe rosemary.

Take 1/2 cucumber, sliced
         2 quarts water
         Additional options: rose-petals, sage, mint,lemon,ginger or rosemary

Place the cucumbers in jar,top with any additional herbs and pour water over and place in frig, sip through out day. I like to make mine the night before and place in the frig, this allows the flavors from the cucumber and herbs to infuse into the water.Try different combinations of cucumber water, see what you come up with, and share with us on facebook.

Benefits of cucumber water:

  • Good for your muscles and joints, cucumbers contain silica which is known to strengthen the connective tissues.
  • Cucumber helps with elimination due to the high water content.
  • Cucumber water helps with keeping the skin clear.
  • Cucumber water will help keep you hydrated. We forget or get bored with water, so by adding in cucumber or herbs it will change the flavor and encourage you to drink more.
  • Cucumber ware is easy to make, and looks great in just minutes for when guests stop by on those hot summer days.
  • And yes, cucumber water is cost effective and low calorie.
So while the warm weather is here, take a few minutes and create your own spa water.Don't forget, when you are in Metta Wellness next time try out our cooling teas, like Hibiscus Cooler or our Summer Chill down Tea.

About the author: Heather works and runs Metta Wellness is Shrewsbury, MA. This is a creation of Ayurveda, Massage and Wellness. Find out more at                                                                                                      

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Creating my own...

The joy of creating my own oils, teas, and salves with wild harvesting. 
Wild Harvesting Roses for Heart Glycerin 
I have worked in massage therapy and Ayurveda for the last nine years and through this time have learned, and continue to learn the art of creating. With massage you are always learning and working and finding new(sometimes old) ways to work with and help with issues of the body. With Ayurveda, we are looking at the body,mind spirit connection and finding ways that you can build balance in your everyday life. With balance we create harmony and in harmony we are in a healthy space.

While working at the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Center in Lancaster,MA I learned to make oils for dosha balance. When learning  the oil making, we worked with large amounts of herbs, most would come in a dry or powdered form, and we would make the oils from their.Over time I learned how to blend herbs for our clients for many different healing treatments, such as oils that would be poured onto the low back while creating a damn for the oils to sit in(this is a kati basti) all individuality made for each client. The oil for one client would be different form another, depending on what the issues where in the body, mind connection.

So this got me thinking, and when I started to work for myself, it all made sense, no one body is the same, so why would their oils be the same. So I did what I do, and went back to school, I went into an Herbal program. With  massage, Thai yoga, meditation and Ayurveda, I take and blend and create the body-work treatment that is individual to each client, so now we have the herbs and oils. I have spent the last year wild harvesting my herbs and creating oils from them, then blending them for my clients. I have found that blending teas, such as a relaxing stress free tea after and massage with lavender & chamomile oil allows the client to go further with their healing, or just relaxing.

Last week I was able to spend the time away at my grandparents home, and they have this incredible rose bush, blooming and the smell so sweet, it took me to a place when I was a kid, running around the yard with my cousins, just being. That smell, the color of the rose, if feels safe, loving cooling yet warm. So I gathered some of the roses, and made a rose glycerin, and the next time I feel sad, or want to feel the love of my grandmother, I can take a little drop, and you are their again.This is the beauty of the herbs, and why I have introduced them to my friends, yes my clients. So weather I am harvesting elder flower, or yarrow, I respect what I have and am learning, and the space I am in, I create what I need for the time, nothing more, and always leave in respect of what we are given.

I have always been drawn to alternative ways to heal, to create balance, this is how I have been drawn to the work I do.

About the author: Heather works at Metta Wellness in Shrewsbury, MA.,, with Ayurveda and wellness, creating body-work, teas, oils and slaves for her clients.