Sunday, November 23, 2014

Winter Foot Salves

Winter Foot Salve
Garlic, Indian Long Pepper and Ginger 

What a perfect way to heat the body and keep colds at bay during the long winter months, we have it right here at Metta Wellness our own Winter Salve.
Wild crafted, small batches of Winter foot salve in 1oz tin or 2oz twist top( for those that like the benefit with out the work).
The blend of garlic and  Indian long pepper infused in olive oil with ginger essential oils along with Vit E and castor oil to help heat the body and help clear the system to better handle colds and flues that may come your way over the long winter months. Find the option that works best for you. We have crafted a small 1oz tin , you apply the salve to the bottom of the feet at night before bed, or a 2oz twist top for ease of just rubbing onto the bottom of the feet at night. 
Our salves are made in small batches from oils that we have for the majority been wild crafted , when we are unable to harvest our own herb we work with an organic supplier.We create our own oils, and with time and much love we blend our salves, oils and teas. Stop in Metta Wellness, see what we have been up to and grab a few herbal treats for yourself, or to fill the stockings of those you love during this Holiday season.

Metta Wellness will have an online herbal store up and running by the end of Nov, so check in, shop often. Or email Heather to place an order now.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Positive becomes positive

Yes, positive becomes positive!
My work as a massage therapist is so much more then just massaging the body, it's about listening to my clients and encouraging a balanced way of life. I find sometimes the simple things like being positive help me and help working with my clients everyday.
Every day we make a choice, to get up and start our day, and what kind of day we will have.Once we step out into the world we then make a choice of how we are going to effect others around us. It seems so simple, but many of use do not take the time to think about this or even consider this into our daily lives.

Take a step back, when you are on your way to work, or at the store, your interactions with others will effect how you move forward, it's only fair that your reaction would do the same for another. When your with your group of friends and everyone is having a great time, laughing, talking, being kind to each other, you are more apt to be friendly, laughing, enjoying, its kind of contagious.

The same goes with the negative, if you observe and listen, when a friend, co-worker starts to complain many others will join in or add more to the pot. Think about your morning commute when that other driver cut you off, and you became angry, or a co-worker was frustrated and verbalized this towards you, we all have these daily challenges. You carry this frustration or anger with  and then it pours over to other around you.

I find this time of the year can be a challenge to many people, finances are tough, family issues come out, people are lonely, family is far away. Take a moment, reflect on how you would like others to view you, and how you would like to effect their day. You make a choice everyday, how do you want to start your day,and how do you want this to pour over to someone else.

I challenge you to share happiness and be positive with those around you, see how this comes back to you, lets take the time to share a positive. Post it, chat with us on facebook, share how you feel when you are happy and if you see how people respond to you.See if you can make Positive become positive!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Welcome to Kahpa Season

Winter is the time of Kapha season in Ayurveda, a time to find the balance between the cold and wet outdoors and the dry and hot indoors.

Kapha is ruled by earth and water, they are slow to move but easy temperament, can be calm lethargic, but when out of balance they are prone to colds, weight gain and depression. The key is creating a routine for your self to bring balance into your space.

Early rising, set the same  time to get up every day(it is said before 6am for kapha type is best for setting the day). Up early in the morning will start you off on a good routine.The same is for the end of your day, go to bed around the same time, this again will set that routine and you will find it easier to wake.

Winter is cold and I am prone to eat warm, comforting foods to nourish and maintain the body during the long winter. With a kapha type adding in some ginger, cayenne to stimulate the system will help. Kapha is better with a light and fresh diet, but during the winter most of us are not drawn to this type of eating, so by stimulating the diet this will help.

Movement is good for all body types, a kapha body may need a reminder, or encouragement. Movement weather it be a walk or yoga will help keep the body healthy and help fight the winter cold.

Aromatherapy and  massage are good for kaphas with stagnant energy it works beautifully.Try blending energizing scents like frankincense, rose oil, and wild orange. These strong scents tend to grab the attention of a sleepy kapha. Ask your massage therapist to add essential oils in your next massage or you can design your own oils at Metta Wellness.

Breathe work is a powerful tool for energizing and decreasing stress. A powerful breathing exercise is Ujjay breathing. Breath deeply through your nose filling your abdomen, diaphragm and your lungs, constrict the back of your throat and slowly with an open mouth make the “haaa” sound while exhaling.Do this for two full minutes in the morning and before going to bed with a full minute of normal breathing.
Child's breath is another easy and powerful breathing exercise, start by sitting, feet on the floor, back straight, hand on your belly and with a nice inhale allow the belly to fill with the breath, and on the exhale empty the belly, doing this several times. You will notice in a few short days the ease of your breath and the balance.

Everyday is a new day, start slow, taking one step at a time, taking care of your self and bringing balance into your everyday.