Monday, October 26, 2015

Moving Forward with Change

As I move Metta Wellness into its new space this week, I am guided by the simplicity of change.

I went to a Buddhist Temple this weekend, and was given a light, a small candle to sit in front of the Buddha, and as I did I stepped back and observed in calm and full of peace. It was then explained that the candle is a symbol of guidance( as you enter your home at night, you turn on the light, now you can see) this is the candle left behind. Inside you you have that light, and you can clearly see.This was a powerful time, as any change, we fell fear, anxiety and excitement and moving your work is no different. This calm in this move, the candle just reminds you that you have the light to see clearly inside of your self.

With this change, I have come to appreciate that vulnerability, in myself and the people around me. As I move forward and move Metta Wellness into our new space, I welcome this change, this is a time to reflect, learn and grow with this change in front of us.

I am exited to share with you this new space, and as you will see from the beginning, their will be changes, but in time things will balance and find a calm space for this new journey.

I look forward to seeing you in the new location in November as we move to this calm and relaxing space!
Metta Wellness: 512 Main St, 2nd floor, Shrewsbury,MA.