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Essential oils and massage

February is a time for , yes - massage!
Most of us think about Valentines day, as time to show that you care or love someone special. It can also be the time to work on or focus in on the connection you have with your partner. Finding ways to spend time, share with your partner that are not the day to day things are important.  We get caught up in out lists of going to work, paying the bills,making dinner, but when was the last time you said to your partner," tonight I'm doing a massage for you"! Massage with essential oils is a great way to share with your partner, your spending time, it works on your connection, and communication, and who doesn't like a massage! Plan ahead, pick out a few essential oils for you and your partner, then grab some oil(this can be olive oil, coconut oil ), put the oil in a bowl, add a few drops of the essential oil, heat it up, put the music on and your ready. You do not need to be an expert at massage, your partner will appreciate the…