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Inflammation and Massage

Inflammation seems to be the word right now. Everywhere you look or read you will hear about inflammation, even radio commercials now are reminding you that you have inflammation. So how does inflammation and massage connect? When I work with my clients the focus is the whole person as an individual,what is the goal, and what is the approach for each person.

Lets set up the scene, the space that you could walk into and how massage and herbs can work with you and inflammation.
              I have a client, Sara, she's married with two young children, works full time and is coming in for massage for headaches and low back pain. After talking more with Sara we find that her digestion is sluggish, and she has difficulty loosing weight, and feels overwhelmed,tired.
             You can start by looking at our lifestyles, working, eating habits, time in front of computers, longer commutes, less time away from the job and see stress. Stress is not the issue, it's the build up of st…