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Warming Tea for the Fall

Ok, so I will admit to you that I love creating and blending teas, and if you have not had me blend one for you yet,then this may be a surprise. Blending teas is not only fun, but for me, calming and relaxing. Sometimes you blend a tea, then have it for awhile then go back and revisit it, then change it  a bit, then other, you leave just as they are, because that is how they should be.

 This is one of those blends that works just as it is. Chai, yes, warming, nourishing and a perfect standby in the cooler months. Chai can be simple, and yes then more complicated, so play around with the spices till you find your combination, then settle in with a cup and relax for the long winter ahead.

I like to blend a large batch of chai spices around October every year, then I have it for when I need it, and it make a wonderful holiday gift(just need a mason jar and you can create the rest from their - fast, simple gift giving).

Lets make some Chai spice mix:

Reiki for Balance

Their are so many benefits to Reiki, but the one that stands out the most is the inner calm and peace you feel, in and around you.

Reiki is a simple, natural healing method, using your own healing energy to bring  balance.This healing energy involves an awakening of the spirit within you and stimulates the healing far beyond.

When I work with clients I find that Reiki comes in as a powerful tool, so what are some of the benefits:
Relaxed, allowing the mind to calm(moving out the busy chatter of the mind)Release, with the mind calm, the body unwinds and releases the stress held in the body Self time,self Care: giving back to the self helps keep you in a healthy healing space. Immune strength, the body has the natural ability to heal, over time the body builds this streght allowing it to deal with the stress that enter our body and mind.Energized. with the mind calm, the body relaxed, you are able to get back to a state of natural balance. The body can focus on a space of healing, bring…