Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Thai Foot Massage

Metta Wellness
Thai Foot Massage becoming my clients favorite healing tool.

I love sharing different techniques with my clients, and their is nothing better then finding just the right combination for and with your client. I am continually learning different ways to work with issues, such as headaches, stress reduction, low back pain right down to anxiety. Every client is different, so, each combination of treatments can be different. I start by checking in with you, what are your goals, what brought you to me for body-work,then onto  health forms a few questions and from their we see what will work best for you.

After a while you know what treatment combination you like, and as we continue to adjust over time , weather it be oils, essential oils, herbs, teas, right down to maybe a different combination of body-work.

One combination that has become a favorite of quite a few of my clients is a massage,  followed by a Thai Foot massage. A Thai foot massage can be very deep, working into pressure points in the feet and ankles, or a gentler approach if dealing with an injury or very sensitive feet. The Thai foot massage is done with or with out oils, again depending on the issue we are working with and how deep we are working. I work with a Thai stick, making it easier to get into the points on the feet. This foot treatment can be add to the end of any body work treatment, you may also want to add essential oils to this treatment to add additional benefits.

What Body-work combination works for you?

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Nettles and the many ways we use them at Metta Wellness

Yes, I love Nettle, and as you see I  featured them last week in my teas: 
Blueberry Nettle and Nettle with Rose-hip and Cinnamon chip. Both have the nourishment that we need in the change of season and are a great source of vit.C, not to mention they taste great.

You will also find nettle in my massage oil for the head and scalp massage(helps wake up the scalp while nourishing the pores, this oil is made right at Metta Wellness), along with my muscle oil for the Ayurvedic treatment Kati Basti.

Not sure what an Ayurvedic Kati Basti is?
Start off with an Abhyanga or a warm oil application, wrapped in warm towels you will rest while the oils soak into the area or areas that we are working.This treatment can be done on the low back, neck area, stomach and yes even for the eyes(different oils are used for the eye treatment), each one has its own herbalized oils that I make here at Metta Wellness, your oil could have up to 20 different herbs that are infused in your oils to work with the area or goal of your treatment.

What is the Kati Basti treatment, and what is it good for?
We will start with a pulse taking and work with you on a  personalized treatment plan /goal at your first consultation. This is where I am able to then add additional herbs to your oils, map out where we are placing your basti(herbalized damn) and what we are looking to achieve. This is also the time that I set up your tea for the ending of your treatment, you may need a cooling tea, or nourishing this is all based on your treatment, and your body type.

I blend teas, oils, salves, always learning new ways to bring the elements into the massage to balance and nourish my clients, my family, myself. Not sure how to start or where to start with your herbs, start simple, you could make a nettle tea, then look at Ayurveda treatments and all the herbs that are used their, create you own oils.

Stop by our space at Metta Wellness, or our on-line store at Metta Wellness Herbals and explore.

Spring Cleanse Tea

Yes here we are, between winter cold and wet damp Spring.
As the weather starts to change this is the time to prepare the body and mind for the spring. A great way to do this is with a gentle cleanse. I like to start with teas, then add in daily massage(I do garshana then abhyanga), this wakes up the system while starting to clean out the old. This is also the time that I slowly decrease any bad habits that I have picked up over the long winter months, mine would be lack of my yoga practice and coffee. So as the weather is changing, I slow down on my coffee intake, and add in yoga, while eating warm nourishing foods with herbs that my body needs along with cleansing teas.
Look for Metta Wellness for massage and body-work, and now Metta Wellness Herbals for your blends of our in-house teas, oils and salves.
The products and body-work offered by Metta Wellness are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, consult with your physician for diagnosis or treatment. Use herbs as per instructions and always watch for any allergic reactions. Always consult your physician or health care provider before using any herbal products, especially if you have a medical problem.