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Finding Balance

Finding Balance Life can be hard, and finding balance can be a challenge some days.

For me finding peace, finding time to meditate and checking in with healthy eating. I struggle some days, with the news of violence, devastation from natural disasters and the anger we seem to have towards each other are heart breaking.

How do you find balance in a world in chaos? I am no different then anyone else, I have work, kids a partner, our home, all need attention.

So how do I find balance? Everyday, everywhere we can find simple signs of gentle loving and carry. Adjusting the way I look at things. When we look at everything with an eye of clear, calm and caring, we see things in a different light. This has for me been the best way to bring in a balance, it removes the frustration and anger and replaces with a heart felt appreciation for everything around me.

Looking at my world through the eyes of positive light, allows me to take the time to give to my family, time to meditate and space t…

It's my passion!

When you start out in the work world, you just never know where you may end up. I was lucky to find what I love, go to school for it, find a job and now my work my passion are the same.

I would tell you, it was not an easy start, many hours looking at the phone, working on web sites, finding the right fit of massage, energy balance and marketing myself. It took time to see how it would work and if I could make it work.

Their is nothing better then working with a client and seeing them get some relief, whether it's through the massage, meditation or finding a balance in their routine. Massage can do all this, it relaxes the body, brings relief to the muscles and calms the mind body connection. It is also the perfect companion to your wellness routine, helping strengthen the immune system over time.

For me, learning ways to work with many different clients, understanding the mind body connection and working with my clients to find balance is so rewarding. I know that when I am with…