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The meaning behind Metta Wellness

The meaning behind Metta Wellness is a powerful and person connection to myself, my space and my work. The word "Metta" is simply translated to, "Loving Kindness", for me this is my work. Several years ago, when I was thinking and in-visioning working in a space, my own space. I knew I need to have a name that would say how I felt about my work, my clients, my space. As time goes, and we move forward, we realize that what we are looking  for is right here.
Let me share: When I started this path with massage, I had a plan in mind to finish school and just work, simple. As my path unfolded in front of me, I started my first work as a massage and Reiki practitioner at a womens shelter and at a home for cancer patients. Far from what I planned, but yet where I should be. I learned the power of touch and the power of the human spirit. This was the turning point for me, I learned to follow the path that my work was going, not to force myself to be what I thought I had t…

Massage and Blogging

Yes, that would be me, and the thought of massage and blogging. I have that look of, "what, blog"and what is massage and blogging and how does that go together.. So here I am, and will be. I have decided to blog twice a week on massage, Ayurveda and wellness. Why, because I want to share with you my love for what I do, and why I do this work. Over the past 9 years of doing this work I've learned a from my clients, reading, observing and doing ;so many ways to help bring balance into lives. One thing we all need is a little reminder from time to time, so I am being reminded to share, learn and yes blog. So hopefully you read, comment or share, as we work to inspire each other through our journeys of massage and blogging.

Who am I: Heather, I work with for and at Metta Wellness, my space to share massage, Ayurveda and bring wellness in a holistic space.