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As we welcome in a New Year!

As we welcome in the New Year, lets take a moment to reflect and be grateful for the space we hold.
This has been a year of ups and downs, learning, growing and as always many changes.  Most of us start off our new year with many plans to get in shape, eat healthy or make some financial changes, this year will be no different. So as we start to plan out our big ideas and all we want to do this year, think healthy, setting a realistic, wellness routine( yes a routine). 
Setting up  wellness routine helps create a balance and pattern for your daily life in the short term and long term goals. 
Now where do we start: Simple: yes, start simple: look at what your goal or focus is for this year, and start off by adding a little at a time into your routine. This year I'm focused on my wellness routine, I've started with looking at what I do now and what areas I need to work on. Review the patterns, or routine you have set up now.What can you change, what would you change what is your …

Enjoy the Hoildays with Health

Their are so many ways to enjoy the holidays with health in mind. No, I'm not saying you can't enjoy the holiday food and drink, but in moderation, consideration and some healthy preparation, and you will glide through with ease.

For me, the holidays are, being with family, the food, the decorations, visiting with friends and family. It can take a toll on you if your not ready. I do a lot of baking during the holidays, and I spend a lot of time with family, so I find ways to make healthy choices over the holidays.

Some of the best ways that I find to enjoy the holiday's with health:
Enjoy the food, yes I will enjoy the food. You have so many parties or gatherings, so for our house, we work to eat a balanced healthy meal every night. Along with eating healthy during the holidays, we do a lot of herbal tea, nettle being my top, then root tea(spicy) or a chaga tea, to help keep the body clean. Doing this between parties helps to enjoy the food that we eat and for it to be an …

Meditation as a Healthy Routine

Meditation as a healthy routine, is an easy way to keep the emotions of the Holidays in balance. Meditation is also a simple and easy approach to calming the mind body connection and can be done anywhere.

Their are many options out their when you start to look into meditation, find the one that connects to you.

Lets look at some of the benefits of adding meditation into your healthy routine:                             with regular meditation, these are just some of the ways you will see change in your day to day.
 Increases joy, peace and energy levels in the bodyDecreases tension in the body, helping with pain, insomniaImproves the immune systemAnxiety decresesBalanced emotionsProblems become smallerClearer focus as the mind increases through relaxation So, lets make a nice cup of Meditation Tea and find our space.

Herbs and Seasonal Health

Herbs and seasonal health go together so well, they work for any season.

I started my holistic journey along time ago, before I even realized that I would even get into a life of holistic healing. Growing up in a small southern town, understanding that you look around and work with the resources available to you. With this understanding whispering in your ear as you go through life, you start to see you have everything you need right here.

In the spring and summer you can gather herbs, such as dandelion, mullein, nettle then dry for the winter months. When the fall blows in, we start to prepare syrups, teas and herbal blends to work through the winter months.

Now as we transition through the seasons, it's time to look at and check in with our health routines.Herbs are a great addition to your cold weather routines, as simple as adding a nettle tea to nourish the body, blending a heating chai with root herbs or making a bone broth for strength or during a cold are all great ways t…

Warming Tea for the Fall

Ok, so I will admit to you that I love creating and blending teas, and if you have not had me blend one for you yet,then this may be a surprise. Blending teas is not only fun, but for me, calming and relaxing. Sometimes you blend a tea, then have it for awhile then go back and revisit it, then change it  a bit, then other, you leave just as they are, because that is how they should be.

 This is one of those blends that works just as it is. Chai, yes, warming, nourishing and a perfect standby in the cooler months. Chai can be simple, and yes then more complicated, so play around with the spices till you find your combination, then settle in with a cup and relax for the long winter ahead.

I like to blend a large batch of chai spices around October every year, then I have it for when I need it, and it make a wonderful holiday gift(just need a mason jar and you can create the rest from their - fast, simple gift giving).

Lets make some Chai spice mix:

Reiki for Balance

Their are so many benefits to Reiki, but the one that stands out the most is the inner calm and peace you feel, in and around you.

Reiki is a simple, natural healing method, using your own healing energy to bring  balance.This healing energy involves an awakening of the spirit within you and stimulates the healing far beyond.

When I work with clients I find that Reiki comes in as a powerful tool, so what are some of the benefits:
Relaxed, allowing the mind to calm(moving out the busy chatter of the mind)Release, with the mind calm, the body unwinds and releases the stress held in the body Self time,self Care: giving back to the self helps keep you in a healthy healing space. Immune strength, the body has the natural ability to heal, over time the body builds this streght allowing it to deal with the stress that enter our body and mind.Energized. with the mind calm, the body relaxed, you are able to get back to a state of natural balance. The body can focus on a space of healing, bring…

Breath in

Breather in, Relax, breath out and unwind. Tap into your vast internal resources through breathe, through daily practice of letting go of what holds you. Together, you, your breath become a natural, powerful tool, beneficial to your health and emotional balance. No, find your space, breath in, relax breath out and unwind.

Herbal Ayurvedic Pulse Taking

Yes, I am offering Herbal Ayurveda Pulse Consults at Metta Wellness!

Some of you may be familiar with the Herbal Ayurveda Pulse taking, and for some this may be a whole new concept. Let me give you tips on making the best of your herbal consult:

First: What is Herbal Ayurvedic Pulse Taking            This is a technique used to help you find ways to bring the body, mind, spirit connection together as a whole and healthy self..
            The consult gives you insight on ways you can nourish and balance the body through herbs, yoga, meditation or diet change.
             Your herbal consult will cover simple things such as sleep pattern all the way to digestive issues and much more. Allow your self to be open to this part of the consult.

What you should expect to gain from your Herbal Consult:
           During your consult we will go over different ways to work with your schedule, routine, lifestyle. Everyone comes in with a different need, finding ways to be creative and work with…

New Year, Fresh Start

Yes a new year, means a  fresh start! As we move forward and quickly in this new year, its a time to reflect, and create the space we want.
I love taking this time of the year, to see what I have learned in the past year, what I want to take into this new year and what did not work in the past.

Metta Wellness will be spending this year settling into our new work space and looking at new ways to bring you more. More herbal tips, new choices in the massage and treatments along with healthy eating and living tips. Throughout the year we will look at ways to create a balanced mind, body and spirit through our everyday routines.

In my personal space I have added many new herbs to our diet and working to add yoga back into my daily routine. I look at what we have found to work in the past year and what area that I need to work on, and start to slowly make the adjustments that I need.

Enjoy the process of moving forward with your goal and what you can do to nourish your self along the way.