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Self - Care

Our focus during the summer months is on self care and building a better relationship with ourselves. Self care is a hot topic at the moment but it is important to remember its more then just sweets and relaxation, it's a focus on health, both physically and mentally. Look for our tips and new classes to get in touch with the inner you.

Relax with massage

Massage is one of the best ways to relax the body, and the mind. In this world of busy, fast pace, high stress day to day life we live, having ways to relax is key.

Relaxing the body seems simple, but the effects on the mind and body has a ripple effect. The impact of our daily lives can cause the body, mind to be overwhelmed or feel tired. The long term stress can cause other issues for the body, headaches, auto immune issues, problems with sleep, moods can be off.

This is where the power of relaxation tools come in. Doing daily meditation, healthy eating, herbal teas, exercise and yes, massage. Giving the body this space to calm brings in a natural healing, a balance allowing the system to come back into its whole(whole= mind, body, spirit connection) self.

A regular wellness routine is key, so look at your wellness tools and see if you are working in balance. Do you need to add or adjust your wellness routine? Its always good to check in.

At Metta Wellness I work on guided meditati…

Massage to create Balance

Create balance in your everyday through massage.

At Metta Wellness, we work to create ways to share the benefits of the tools we have learned over the years to create balance in your everyday.

Life is in constant motion, ever moving, faster and always available at the touch of a button. Through social media, phones, emails we are just a touch away. This can be overwhelming for the adrenals and creates an imbalance in the emotional connection to self and the natural environment around you.

Allowing the body to relax through massage, gives you a space to come back into self and gives the mind body connection time to balance. Creating space to come into calm is one way to boost the immune system, giving time away from the virtual world and just be.

Massage is just one of the tools that I us with my clients here at Metta Wellness to create well-being, balance in your everyday. Lets work together to create a wellness routine that brings you into a space of wellness and balance.

Ayurveda and stress

Stress is part of our everyday world, some good and the some not so good.
Stress is one of the main factors when my clients come in for a massage or an Ayurvedic session. Stress will effect sleep, digestion, work performance, reaction time and over time cause issues with memory, anxiety, mood and can lead to auto immune disorders. This becomes a vicious cycle, stress,  sleep disturbance, imbalance through out your daily life, then it starts over again.

In Ayurveda we focus on the root and how to balance. The key is patience and allowing yourself the time to recreate the cycle you have been in,to teach the body a new story.

Stress is a part of the world we live in, but through Ayurveda we do not need to live in our stress. Ayurveda is your key to your own wellness through yoga, massage, meditation herbals and setting your daily routine to create balance.

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Trust in Self

This has been a practice for me this past year. Learning to trust in self is key to allowing my personal and business to continue to move forward and grow.

As we move out of 2018 and are into 2019, we where welcomed with an incredible lunar eclipse of the blood wolf moon. This is energetically a time to stop and reboot, to speak to your true self.

In this past year, I moved my business from one location to another location while opening a second location and launching my herbal business into the public online world. While it is all very exciting and quite the learning (and yes mistakes where made, but those are to learn from also), growing and self expansion.

During this growth, I had to learn to trust. Trusting my self, could I do this, how will my clients respond, can I grow enough business and do I have a strong enough support team to make this happen.

Well here I am, three  and a half months in, and taking stock in self, that 'Yes" I can do this. Now, I have not said th…

What is "Metta Wellness"

Metta means "loving Kindness", Metta Wellness in your wellness in loving kindness. Bringing together the mind, body and spirit for a full circle of healing.

For me, I see that we all want, or strive to live in peace, harmony and balance with ourselves and the world around us. At Metta Wellness I feel it starts in the mind. The mind is a powerful element that can determine our peace and harmony. How we look at ourselves, our internal conversation, and the way we feel the world sees or views us. If we look at ourselves in pure loving kindness, we are going to walk out into the world full of love, inner strength and kindness.

With a healthy, positive and balanced mind, the body works in harmony. When we fall out of harmony in the mind the body will feel it through stress, inflammation, skin issues, anxiety over time this can result in an auto immune disorder. When the mind is struggling, and the body shares the disruption, the spirit disconnects.

When the mind, body and spirit…

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
I walk into this new year in hopes of calm, peace and whole body wellness.  As we enter into a time of reflection and looking forward, take this time to be. Be grateful, be peaceful, be happy with the space you are right now, right here. Life is always moving forward, stop and be grateful for the space you have.
I am grateful for my life I am grateful for my health I am grateful for my family and friends I am grateful for you. I am grateful.
Happy New Year from  Metta Wellness