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Herbal Ayurvedic Pulse Taking

Yes, I am offering Herbal Ayurveda Pulse Consults at Metta Wellness!

Some of you may be familiar with the Herbal Ayurveda Pulse taking, and for some this may be a whole new concept. Let me give you tips on making the best of your herbal consult:

First: What is Herbal Ayurvedic Pulse Taking
           This is a technique used to help you find ways to bring the body, mind, spirit connection together as a whole and healthy self..
            The consult gives you insight on ways you can nourish and balance the body through herbs, yoga, meditation or diet change.
             Your herbal consult will cover simple things such as sleep pattern all the way to digestive issues and much more. Allow your self to be open to this part of the consult.

What you should expect to gain from your Herbal Consult:
           During your consult we will go over different ways to work with your schedule, routine, lifestyle. Everyone comes in with a different need, finding ways to be creative and work within your needs is the key.
           Your herbal consult is for and about you, looking at your lifestyle and daily routine to see what will work best for you, maybe adding vit d, or a gentle cleanse and creating it around you.
           You will receive an email with the suggestions that we go over at your consult, then your herbal plan and from their you are asked to do the herbal program for the month, and check in often.

Weather you have an area that you are looking to improve, or just looking to strengthen your system, you  will gain new tools with your Herbal Consult.  


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#02 Self-Care

Do something nice for yourself. Sounds easy, right. How often have you given a friend, co-worker or partner some good advise, to only not follow it yourself?
It just had this happen this week. My client came in, we were talking about self-care, I had suggested that she take some time and do something nice for herself. The next afternoon, I had a client come in for a massage, when I asked her what brought her in, she said," My body was telling me this is what it needed". She took the time to listen to herself.

It seems so simple. I do my mediation, and do my herbals, for me its keeping up with my yoga and doing the gentle pampering s of taking time that I forget. So for me, it was a foot scrub! I am either on my feet or using  my feet in my Thai yoga massage, and they sometimes yell for a nice foot scrub.

So that's just what I did, a nice eucalyptus sugar scrub followed up with a tea tree lotion bar. My feet have been saying thank you all day.

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This has been a practice for me this past year. Learning to trust in self is key to allowing my personal and business to continue to move forward and grow.

As we move out of 2018 and are into 2019, we where welcomed with an incredible lunar eclipse of the blood wolf moon. This is energetically a time to stop and reboot, to speak to your true self.

In this past year, I moved my business from one location to another location while opening a second location and launching my herbal business into the public online world. While it is all very exciting and quite the learning (and yes mistakes where made, but those are to learn from also), growing and self expansion.

During this growth, I had to learn to trust. Trusting my self, could I do this, how will my clients respond, can I grow enough business and do I have a strong enough support team to make this happen.

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#03 Self Care - Self Abhyanga

#03 Self Care: Self Abhyanga
Winter is here! Snow, ice, warm fireplace, cozy blankets, hot cocoa and dry skin, oh my.
This is winter here in the New England area, dry, wet cold and is a challenge for our skin over the long winter months.
What to do? Well Ayurveda has this under control! 
A few ways Ayurveda helps in the winter: Eating warm grounding foods                    Do you remember when you where young and your mother or grandmother would make a stew or pot pie and left you feeling full and loved. Relaxing with warm foods in the cold dry weather helps keep you feel comfort, grounded and nourished through food. Nourishing foods keep the body strong,healthy and balanced the immune system.
Add ghee to your diet                    Ghee is the perfect winter soother. Ghee can be added to your foods to help lubricate the joints and moisten dry skin. Massaging the skin, lips, dry areas to relax, soothe and lubricate the skin and leave you glowing.
get outside, but layer properly       …