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Enjoy the Hoildays with Health

Their are so many ways to enjoy the holidays with health in mind. No, I'm not saying you can't enjoy the holiday food and drink, but in moderation, consideration and some healthy preparation, and you will glide through with ease.

For me, the holidays are, being with family, the food, the decorations, visiting with friends and family. It can take a toll on you if your not ready. I do a lot of baking during the holidays, and I spend a lot of time with family, so I find ways to make healthy choices over the holidays.

Some of the best ways that I find to enjoy the holiday's with health:
  • Enjoy the food, yes I will enjoy the food. You have so many parties or gatherings, so for our house, we work to eat a balanced healthy meal every night. Along with eating healthy during the holidays, we do a lot of herbal tea, nettle being my top, then root tea(spicy) or a chaga tea, to help keep the body clean. Doing this between parties helps to enjoy the food that we eat and for it to be an indulgence and easier to get back into a healthy routine after the holiday.
  • Cheers: Many of use will indulge in a drink or two over the holidays, enjoy, but within reason. Always eat, and get plenty of sleep, this will help a long with checking in.
  • Sleep: Make sure you are getting sleep, and plenty of it. With the change of weather, the days getting shorter, and with the schedules over the holidays, sleep is important for overall health.
  • Move: Exercise is so important, keeps the body clean, energy moving, better sleep pattern, overall better health.
  • Herbs: Herbs, essential oils, teas, oils, or tinctures, are all great ways to help with health and balance over the holidays, ok, just all year great! I have an herbal blend with turmeric, nettle, horsetail, and a few others to strengthen and help with absorption, keeping me stronger and healthier. I use teas to stay hydrated, and minerals high, oils for winter skin or tired muscles after some days.
It's all bout  balance, finding ways to stay healthy and enjoy this time of the year with friends and family.


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