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As we welcome in a New Year!

As we welcome in the New Year, lets take a moment to reflect and be grateful for the space we hold.

This has been a year of ups and downs, learning, growing and as always many changes.  Most of us start off our new year with many plans to get in shape, eat healthy or make some financial changes, this year will be no different. So as we start to plan out our big ideas and all we want to do this year, think healthy, setting a realistic, wellness routine( yes a routine). 

Setting up  wellness routine helps create a balance and pattern for your daily life in the short term and long term goals. 

Now where do we start:
  • Simple: yes, start simple: look at what your goal or focus is for this year, and start off by adding a little at a time into your routine. This year I'm focused on my wellness routine, I've started with looking at what I do now and what areas I need to work on. 
    • Review the patterns, or routine you have set up now.
      • What can you change, what would you change
    • what is your goal, focus
      • healthy eating, balanced space, self care
    • what steps can I take to make this routine a long term change
      • check in with your family for support, find groups to join to help with your goal, set time aside for self
    • find friends, or a group that is making the same change 
      • take a yoga class
      • find a mediation class
      • reconnect with friends that have goals or focus that is in the same direction.
 As we welcome in a New Year, take a moment, lets see where we can set our goals, and help them stay for the long term. My focus at Metta Wellness is to rework and focus on my own healthy routine, and bring to you what works or doesn't work for me in the new year, and support each other as we find healthy ways to enter the New Year.


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