Friday, June 1, 2018

Summer Fairs!

Magnesium lotion, calming salve, muscle cream

Summer is on it's way(okay that's what the calendar says)!

With the summer comes, festivals, fairs and so many great events to get outside and shop local. Metta Wellness is your home for holistic healing, a space to create and keep you on your wellness routine. Metta Herbal is a branch of the herbal side of the wellness. We created Metta Herbals from a growing interest in the tea blends, capsules, oils and lotions that I create for my clients. With the growing herbal side, we created the branch of Metta Herbal to blend what I do in the office, with what people are asking for. Metta Herbal takes the most requested blends and shares them with you for your everyday, as a gift, to share or to relax at home with.

Metta Herbal is getting ready for the summer with spring teas, magnesium lotions, massage oils and preparing for summer fairs.

Summer fairs are a great way to support your local businesses, learn what is out in your community , do some shopping and have some outdoor fun.

This summer look for Metta Herbal, check out the facebook page for events and updates, and find out when you can buy your favorite Metta Herbal products in the Paxton location!

Metta Wellness and Metta Herbal looks forward to seeing you around the summer fairs this year!

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