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Pain Management with Meditation

Study after study is showing that mediation effects pain. This past May the International Ayurveda & Yoga(internal yoga - meditation) Convention was dedicated to pain management, research and what we can do.

Lets take a quick overview of what meditation does.
        Simply put, mediation help calm the signals to the brain, thus allow the system to calm, over time the body slows down on the signals of "fight or flight", in return decreasing the inflammation the the body. Over time as the inflammation decreases, the pain signals are less and you are able to lower or deal with the pain easier.These results are noticeable in the first few weeks, months, and then after two years of practice. This research shows that over time, adding this into your healing routine builds up the benefits.

So how does this connect with massage?
         During a relaxation massage your body mind connection is settling, or coming into a space of relaxation, of calm, similar to mediation. The benefits to a regular massage routine will yield similar benefits over time.

A healthy routine, wellness routine of massage once or twice a month with a daily practice of meditation will increase the immune system, calm the mind and bring in a balance between the two.

Now, lets look at our wellness routine, want to add in the meditation, lets do some guided mediation next time you come in for a massage, or do a guided mediation with reiki. Lets find your wellness routine at Metta Wellness.

Some Studies on the effects of long term mediation:
Mediation & Anxiety
Meditation & PTSD
Pain management & meditation
Meditation long term


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