Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Herbs make the journey Smoother

For me, herbs make sense. When I have a cold, or feeling tired, or struggling with a stuck emotion, I go to my herbs. Herbs can be gentle, soothing, or strong, pungent and sometimes not that pleasant to take. Over time I have come to see that herbs make the journey smoother.

Starting simple, like what herbs do you have right now in your kitchen. Most of us have rosemary, cinnamon, ginger and maybe basil or turmeric. With just what you have in this herb kitchen you can start your journey.

Now that you have taken a new look inside your herb kitchen, lets find a few ways to work with the ones we have. Over time you will find which herbs you connect to, or relate to, and others you may not. Give the a try, blending, adding to broths, meals, self massage or just simple relax and smell the herbs.

What can these kitchen herbs do for you? When I look at the herbs that you may have, I think of rosemary oil for cooking(maybe garlic in that) this is perfect for lungs and heart opener. The start of a cold I would pull out the ginger, turmeric and lemon and make a tea to move the cold and sooth the system.

Next time you look at your herbs, look at all the possibilities, from  oils to tea you can find many ways to sooth the body and mind with herbs.

Metta Wellness has created a saffron and sandalwood infused olive oil for massage to move the system while grounding the mind and connecting the spirit. Saffron is the perfect calming and balancing herb, I enjoy it in my evening milk to calm the mind and nourish the system.

So take your time, look at the herbs you have, herbs make the journey smoother.