Friday, August 10, 2018


Like the Mantra on my foot, it is the lotus coming up from the mud, patience, and beauty comes through. This is for me powerful. Metta Wellness stands for "loving kindness", with the lotus this is always a symbol for me that working through and staying on your path beauty opens.

Metta Wellness has been in a process of change, always moving forward, learning, and exploring along the way. As we moved into a new location, adding a second location and launching Metta Herbals into the online market and general public. Change, patience, and trust is my Mantra for this opening.

Lets step back a little. In May Metta Wellness moved into its new location in Shrewsbury,calming, easily located and just the right size.  This space also allows for the growth in Metta Wellness and Herbals. Taking time to set up and shift into this space (still organizing a few small details), adjusting and refocusing on the space and the path for Metta Wellness & Herbals. Change was our Mantra in May, from a space we had relaxed into for two years to a new space on our own.

Now we are nearing the next space, a larger home in Paxton, where we can add and explore our wellness space.In the next week we will be finishing up the first part of Paxton, with a waiting area, 2 treatment rooms, an office, and with an herbal kitchen soon following. As we prepare to start laying the space out, decorating I will hold off on posting pictures till we are ready to welcome you in.

This space has been a process of learning, growing and understanding that taking your time and breathing through this process, being true to what you feel, or see as your vision for your life's work is all worth it. I feel a great privilege and honor to have this space, the friends that we have and you for your continual support.

Stay close, our next posting will be letting you know that we are open, and dates for our "Open House!

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